About Us

Rocklin Academy PSP

Parent School Partnership

The PSP is made up of volunteer parents and family members like you! Without your involvement, the various programs that make Rocklin Academy so special would not be possible.  The PSP is committed to building a fun school culture with lots of student and family connectedness!!

As part of that effort we invite you to participate in our new school Directory.  You can sign up at our website (rocklinacademypsp.org). After adding your child(ren) to the Directory other families will be able to reach out to you through our secure contact form.  This protects your privacy while enabling families to connect.

As a publicly funded (tuition-free) school of choice, enrichment of our children’s education requires outside financial resources from the PSP.  Our main funding source is The Annual Giving Campaign (AGC).  The AGC is a single ‘ask’ of families toward the programs the PSP supports.

Your contribution directly supports teachers and makes possible important programs that enhance our children’s educational experience.  We need your support just as much this year, if not more, as we hope to bring more on campus events this year.

Please feel free to contact us with any question, concerns, or suggestions!

We appreciate your partnership and participation!!

Rocklin Academy PSP